Cats of Athens, Greece 2021

Cats of Athens, Greece 2021

Our third trip to Athens resulted in our greatest haul of cat photos ever. Greece even outdoes Turkey in the cat category with pretty much every city we've visited having a lot of cats! Best spots for cat spotting on this trip were definitely the area around the Acropolis, but you are guaranteed cats pretty much any area in the Plaka and Monastiraki districts.

A few that stood out this time in the photos below.... A very cute black and white boy who was helping in the ticket booth give out tickets to one of the sites. An adorable, but very scared kitten who has hiding inside one of the outdoor restaurants we ate at one evening. We REALLY wanted to bring him home... Another black and white sitting at a "Reserved" table in that same cafe. And finally, a dad cat and his baby playing in the dirty plates at another outside cafe. Can't believe they didn't break anything.

Athens really is a cat lover's city and they're doing more to try to deal with the strays and keep the population under control.

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