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Check out our articles for tips on how to get the most out of your next European adventure. Learn the best spots, the right supplies, and how to get close to the local felines without causing an international incident. But, even if there aren't cats (or we can't find them), we'll still give opinions, advice and information about all the wonderful cities we visit. There's nothing we love sharing more than our love of Europe and European travel. With over 30 years of European travel experience, we can also help you with your non-cat related vacation plans. Whether it's tips on planning a successful cruise, to getting the best out of your cellular plan, we can help you make your next holiday the dream vacation you deserve. Feel free to contact us for general recommendations or for travel advice.

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Cats of the Peloponnese

  Next time you’re lucky enough to visit Athens, consider a day trip to a few truly remarkable historic sites, Mycenae and Epidaurus. Even if you’re not well-versed in Classical Greek history, there’s enough visual scenery alone to make this visit a worthwhile trip back in time. And as a huge added bonus, cats — […]

istanbul night
Tips for Taking Photos at Night

Whether you’re shooting cats, buildings or people, shooting photos at night can be particularly challenging. Your smartphone camera is good and there’s no question most photos look great on that bright little screen when you turn the phone around and check out your work. The problem is when you expand that photo to full size […]

Our Top 5 Favorite Cats*

*Other than the 5 we live with at home. It’s almost like trying to pick a favorite kid. We’ve met hundreds, if not thousands, of cats over the years as we’ve traveled throughout Europe and we have fond memories of all of them.  It’s true we’ve never come across a mean cat in our travels, thank […]

Do this one thing for a better trip

Whether you’re planning your 1st trip to Europe or your 21st, if you do this one simple thing you’re almost guaranteed to have a more positive experience during your next visit, especially if you plan on using different cities as hubs and arranging day trips. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually a […]

Cruising Pros and Cons

It took us 30+ years of travel together before we booked a European cruise. We had taken a few Bahamas/Mexico cruises, but those are a different type of vacation, not really about the destination, but more about the shipboard experience. Europe, at least for us, is all about the cities and sites and a cruise […]

Best Point and Shoot Travel Cameras

Even though it sometimes seems that cameras are on their way out – forced into antiquity by the outstanding performance of most modern camera smartphones, there are still a lot of good reasons for the every day traveler to bring a solid, dependable point and shoot camera with them on holiday. What price range depends […]

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A day in Taormina Italy

Cat Rating – Scale of 1 to 5 We love all of Italy – we’ve yet to find a city we wouldn’t enjoy coming back to again and again, and Taormina Italy was no exception. We visited in September on a cruise ship shore excursion, and the weather was absolutely perfect like it usually is […]